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    Quick Study

    I’ve been more busier of late than normal and as such haven’t had the time to dedicate to painting. So when I realized I had a spare hour this morning, I rushed to my easel and cranked out this quick painting. I pulled a random photo of northern Ontario off of google without much thought and jumped into it. It was a rush job, and there are a few things I see now which I could rework. But, I am satisfied with it over all. There is something about it which reminds me of one of my favorite artists. Tom Thompson, and the Group of Seven. This one will likely…

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    Poem about a scene

    What is the difference between a soulless photorealistic painting and artwork? I recently heard it described as a poem about a scene, not a novel. I took that to mean simplify, describe the scene with as little detail as possible while still explaining what you are seeing. To that end I tackled this painting trying to block in shapes with as few brush strokes as I could. Lots of paint loaded on the brush for thick expressive strokes. I’m more or less happy with how this turned out, but the process requires more forethought than I expected. The next time I attempt this style it will be better planned out.

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    Finding inspiration in nature.

    The Bob Ross style of painting, which I’ve used for years, can create some amazing, vibrant paintings. It uses rich colors and stark contrasts to make the landscape pop. I’m done with it. The problem is, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Everything ends up looking similar, because you’re running on a stylistic formula. It’s great when first learning to paint but is now boring, uninteresting. I’m now more interested in capturing real landscapes, from photo or plein air. Real landscapes have life, light and shadow that lends truth to the painting. Which is why the impressionists were so successful. Its not photo realistic, but you know, you…

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    Atmospheric Perspective

    Oil on canvas board. 11 x 14 Today’s painting is my first painting on my new french box easel, gearing up to do some plein air painting. The source material is a random photo from the internet. I want to say its from Manitoulin, but could be several areas in northern Ontario. The grey, foggy atmosphere is what drew me to this subject. It was a good source for an attempt at atmospheric perspective, which, I pulled off nicely. In my own humble opinion, of course. I’ve used this brand of canvas board a couple times now, but in previous paintings I’ve pre-toned it. This time I didn’t, opting instead…

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    First eBay Listing

    Over the years people have told me to sell my paintings. I never felt confident about the quality of my work and didn’t know how to go about it anyway. Despite my paintings finding homes around the country. Recently, two of my paintings found homes — I’ve always given them away to those that like them — and I received a inquiry about the price of another. I decided to try listing one on ebay as an experiment. It’s not one of my best works, but it’s one of the best still in my possession. I have no idea if I’ve gone about listing it, or pricing it correctly. But…

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    A bit about me

    For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with art. Landscapes, but all manner and style of painting in general, drew my attention and riled a fire in me. As a child in the early 80s, some of my first memories are of sitting on my living room floor watching Bob Ross. Painting his happy little bushes, trees and talking to the occasional squirrel. Something I still do to this day. It’s not a stretch to imagine that my favorite class in school was art. Growing up I never had access to the kind of art supplies I wanted, oil paints. There was always crayons, colored…