Quick Study

I’ve been more busier of late than normal and as such haven’t had the time to dedicate to painting. So when I realized I had a spare hour this morning, I rushed to my easel and cranked out this quick painting.

I pulled a random photo of northern Ontario off of google without much thought and jumped into it. It was a rush job, and there are a few things I see now which I could rework. But, I am satisfied with it over all. There is something about it which reminds me of one of my favorite artists. Tom Thompson, and the Group of Seven.

This one will likely get painted over in the future. I don’t see it selling and no reason to waist board. As a exercise though, this kind of quick study is invaluable to the artists development. These smaller boards (11×14) are a bit frustrating to paint on. Trying to get in all the information on a small surface forces you to simplify and leave out detail. Which, I suppose, is good for forcing yourself to paint in a more impressionistic manner. I may go to a larger canvas for my next painting.

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