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Atmospheric Perspective

Oil on canvas board. 11 x 14

Today’s painting is my first painting on my new french box easel, gearing up to do some plein air painting. The source material is a random photo from the internet. I want to say its from Manitoulin, but could be several areas in northern Ontario.

The grey, foggy atmosphere is what drew me to this subject. It was a good source for an attempt at atmospheric perspective, which, I pulled off nicely. In my own humble opinion, of course.

I’ve used this brand of canvas board a couple times now, but in previous paintings I’ve pre-toned it. This time I didn’t, opting instead to leave it white and sketch in the scene. As a result, it was very thirsty and I didn’t mix enough sky color on the outset. It soaked everything up. Forcing me to adapt and vary the sky throughout with new mixes.

During the process I somehow managed to spill thinner all over the palette, making quite a mess. After the initial cleanup, my piles of paint were unfortunately thinner and harder to mix. It was a blessing in disguise. As a result, the trees were a rather boring blob, thoroughly uninteresting. Which inspired some knife work, which let to a much more dynamic bush line and active water.

I would like more feedback on this one. It’s a departure from my normal style, and while I do like how it turned out, am uncertain of it.

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