There’s no quick fix, there’s no miracle diet.

There’s no quick fix, there’s no miracle diet. Only a healthy lifestyle will get you to your goals, and sustain you over the long term.

It’s only hard at first, it’s against the grain of what you are used to. Breaking bad habits is hard, but once they are replaced with good ones, you will love what you can achieve!

Just get moving!

It doesn’t matter so much what you do, just that you do something to challenge yourself. 💪 Get up, get moving, put some physical stress on your body and it will respond. Your body is programmed to be lean and strong. Processed foods and sitting at a desk all day are unnatural aberrations that dull the senses and weaken us. Take control. Get active. Eat real food.

Didn’t want to do it this morning…

Didn’t want to do it this morning. Bed 🛌 was too comfy and sleep 😴 felt too good. Not to mention, total body soreness from the last couple days. Got up and got it done ✅ anyway. 💪 This is why it’s good to have short “recovery” workouts built into the schedule. Gets the ❤️ pumping and increased blood flow into the muscles so they can repair, without overdoing it.