Had to foam roll the shit out of my legs this morning.

Had to foam roll the shit out of my legs this morning. If you’re a runner 🏃 you likely own a foam roller, if not I highly recommend getting one!

A few years back now I was training for the Detroit Freepress Marathon 🏃. I was never able to do it. My left knee gave out on me in training. Turned out to be my IT band. After months of suffering with it, to the point of having difficulty with stairs, because the knee would just give out, I found out about the foam roller. Should have talked to a Dr right when it first happened.

I went out and bought one. They are cheap, mine was around $15. A few minutes working my left leg on it and my knee was back to normal. It was like magic.

Unfortunately for me, my IT band tightens up easily and even some simple leg work can cause a lot of pain in that knee. Lunges, squats, whatever.
So here I am today, post cardio, working out the leg. Taking the pressure off the knee.

I’m conducting a little survey

Hi friends!! I’m conducting a little survey and hope you can help me out 😁

All you have to do is drop a comment below 👇🏽 with the heart that best describes you… 💛 I am a Beachbody Coach
💚 I have been thinking about trying a Beachbody Program (21 day fix/22 Min Hard Corps/P90X, etc.)
💙 I’m not interested but I love your posts 💜 I’m thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach
❤ I’d love to coach but I’m worried I wouldn’t do as well as “everyone else”
💔 I would love to start but I’m worried about the cost
💗 I just love being a loyal customer
💟 I have no idea what you’re taking about
💘 I’d love for you to send me more information

Thanks in advance for your feedback!🙏🏽