Shoulders. My Weakest Muscle group

Uhg… Shoulders. My weakest muscle group.

I’ve managed to up the weight on some shoulder exercises  over the last few months. But I still go as little as 5lbs 😥 for some. Especially the front. It hurts 😭 more than other exercises, even legs.

It’s not a surprise to me. Thinking back to my early days in he military. Holding my arm up for a right dress was never easy.

Sitting at a desk all day in the IT  doesn’t exactly build shoulders either. Maybe a weighted 🐭 would help? Get one bulky shoulder. Lol

But will I give up? Never give up. Never surrender! Hitting shoulders again next week, and no matter if it hurts, or I can’t up the weights.

I know I’m:
Getting stronger.
Getting healthier.
Keeping up with my kids. 👨‍👦‍👦
Feeling Happier.

Small pains for long term gains!