Cutting back on the Coffee

I love my coffee, and drink what is probably way to much of it.  Two-three cups in the morning before work, often pick on up on the way to work, another at lunch and sometimes even one to help me relax before bed.

I know there are people that think thats crazy, and Im starting to agree with them.  Turns out the amount of caffeine I ingest is not exactly on the healthy end of the spectrum.  I think its something I’ve always known, but just didn’t want to admit to myself.

Cutting back on the coffee.

Cutting back on the coffee.

Posted by Wayne Simmerson. Fit, Healthy, Dad. on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I remember days, many years ago.  Living in military barracks in Kingston, drinking a pot of coffee then going to bed — my roommates astonished.  More recently, when I started BodyBeast I picked up a jar of pre-workout C4.  It did nothing for me, everyone else said that it gave them the ‘jitters’ or got their heart pounding and otherwise didn’t like how it made them feel.

Mine was pink lemonade… that is all.  No effect whatsoever.

Caffeine immune it seems; or just highly adapted to it.  As I said in the video, a pre-workout would have come in handy this morning had I been able to get out of bed — if they worked for me.

So I’m cutting back, one cup of joe a day,  I’m hoping that cutting back on the coffee my body will adapt so that caffeine will work for me someday. I honestly don’t know if I can do that, but I’me going to try.  I’ve created a Coffee Addicts in Recovery group on Facebook.  If your in the same boat, I hope you will join me there.  Nothing helps more than mutual support.