Eight Motivations for the Dreaded Cardio

The dreaded C word.  No not THAT C word, the other one. Cardio.

Today was Beast Cardio & Abs on my schedule.  I struggle with this one every time.  The alarm clock goes off and unlike the other workouts; I just do not want to get out of bed.  It’s hard, it makes be sweat more than all the others and my gluts are still killing me from leg day.  I’ve run half-marathons with less effort, but that’s how you know it works.

Then why do it you ask?  Well here are a few reason.

  1. Burn a lot of calories — Weight loss.
  2. Stronger heart and lungs to keep up with the kids.
  3. Increased bone density.  Especially important for the ladies, but guys bones get fragile as we age too.
  4. Produces endorphin’s and reduced stress.
  5. Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.
  6. Better sleep – Not specific to cardio, but true nonetheless.  Exhausting your muscles will knock you out at night; your body needs to shut down to build and repair muscle tissue.
  7. More strength, endurance and overall energy.
  8. And my biggest motivation, certainly one of the most important to me. Being able to keep up with and being a good example to my kids.  Setting a strong example that will lead to a healthy lifestyle and hopefully healthy adulthood and future grand kids.

And there you have it. Eight motivations to get out of bed and do the dreaded Cardio.  If that’s not enough and you need a more personal touch to keep you accountable Contact Me or find me on Facebook and I will be glad to help you out.  I run general accountability, motivation, support, health and fitness groups both ongoing and at regular intervals.

My next Health & Fitness Challenge group starts Feb 1st, there is still time to join and get your challenge pack before it starts.