DropBox on Arch Linux: "Connecting..." forever

I'm about a week into using Arch Linux and loving it, but every now and then I run into a random problem.  Last nights was getting Dropbox to connect.  

According to the ArchWiki, on the first run of dropbox after installing it from the AUR it should provide a pop up to get your configuration choices, and sign into your account.  For me however, it simply loaded the icon and hang at "Connecting..."

The ArchWiki even has a section about this problem, which is completely wrong and wont fix the issue.  Deep in the comments section in the AUR was a working solution.

Playing with Beautiful Soup

I've been wanting to play with BeautifulSoup for quite a while now but haven't really had a reason to parse any web pages. But while taking a look at my highly unscientific and probably heavily biased( most of my traffic seems to be coming from language specific sub-reddits ) "What's your favorite Scripting Language" Poll, I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to try to pull this data and plot it in python?"  A perfect excuse to play with BeautifulSoup and pandas.  

Python 3: Send Authenticated Email

Write enough shell scripts and eventually you will have to write one that sends a email report, in fact now a day's I find that most shell scripts I write (the scheduled ones anyway) require some kind of notification after they have run. Likewise, if you set up enough mail servers -- usually one is enough -- you will need a quick easy way to test SMTP.

Below is a python 3 script with smtplib and argparse, which sends a test email using smtp authentication.  It's short, to the point, and I hope pretty self explanatory for anyone needing to send authenticated email via python.